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Artistic Bangkok Condo Projects- The Esse At Singha Complex

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Built With A Vision - The Esse at Singha Complex, Bangkok

The Esse at Singha Complex is one of the most preferred luxury condo projects in Bangkok, for more than just having a solid masterplan of flawless condos in residential development. Yes, while this element is executed perfectly, the vision of this project is of key importance. 

The vision was to create an all-inclusive project that acts as both a business and residential hub. This vision was achieved by including elements of work, play, entertainment, and conveniences in the project through designated areas of each component. The condo complex consists of not only residential condo units but also a grade-A office and a full-fledged lifestyle mall. 

Another essential factor that makes the Esse at Singha Complex a desired project is the location and the buildings around it. The location of the Esse at Singha Complex is at the Asoke-Phetchburi intersection which connects it with the MRT station. Additionally, boat taxis and ARL stops are less than a few minutes away on foot. The combination of the project being connected directly with the MRT and convenient access to the roads and expressway make this one of the hottest properties developed by Singha Estate. 

That’s not all as many neighboring landmarks such as the Makkasan Complex add value to the property and area through art, exhibitions, and other innovative retail projects.

A Location and Neighborhood That Are The Pride of Bangkok City

The Watthana Wittaya Academy at Soi Sukhumvit is one of the leading international boarding schools for girls in Thailand and is located in close proximity to the Esse at Singha Complex. Prasarnmit University is also a stone’s throw away from the complex and is a preferred educational institute for international students. If you would like to know more about the educational institutions in Thailand for children then do read the blogs Choosing The Best International Schools in Thailand and Your Guide To The Best Universities in Thailand.

The Bumrungrad International Hospital is known to be one of the finest medical centers in the country and is located within walking distance of the complex. The Piyat Hospital and Asoke Skin Hospital as well as Rutnin Eye Hospital are also very conveniently located from the project. 

Architecture That Has An Artistic Element From Planning To Completion

The developer’s primary objective for this project was to provide a safe haven and sanctuary within the walls of each condo unit to its residents that need a break from the busy life of Bangkok city. This was done by providing beautiful completely ready-to-move-in condos to buyers who wish to start living their best life from the minute they walk in through the door.

The aesthetics of the condos follow subtle, neutral colors with earthly tones to entice a feeling of peace, harmony, and relaxation. All the condo units have symmetrical and uniform aesthetics although residents can choose to adjust and change things around upon purchase to make the condo unit their version of paradise in Thailand.

The New Definition of Luxury Living to Suit Your Family’s Needs

Built on a land size of 2-0-98.2 Rai in the form of 1 building, the condo complex consists of 39 floors of pure bliss and sheer comfort. There are a total of 319 units in the high-rise structure that offers panoramic city views, especially on the higher levels. 

The units come in sizes of 1 bed-1 bath units, 2 bed-2 bath units, and larger penthouses for residents who need more living space. The 1 bedroom and 1 bath units are between 34.75 – 47.75 sq.m and are ideal for you if you live alone or with a partner.

The 2 bed-2 bath units are between 70.00 – 77.00 sq.m and are perfect for you and your family of 2-4 members.

The larger penthouses are 215.50 sq.m and can make a great living space for you and your extended family or friends and other guests.

Must-Have Amenities and Project Facilities

The developer has ensured that you and your family can sleep peacefully every night knowing that there is a 24-hour security service through multiple guards posted at various points. CCTV cameras in public areas are in place to give you further peace of mind at all times.

The additional facility of Wi-Fi in the lobby as well as facility floors keeps you online when you need it the most. A library, co-working area, and meeting room can be used by you as a resident, subject to booking the meeting room space.

The private exercise room, the private theater, and on the cloud fitness space with a built-in rock-climbing wall as well as a boxing ring are perfect for when you want to blow off some steam. 

Luxury Condo Complex To Entertain You And Your Guests

Nature and its various elements have been used by Singha Estate to make your residence in the Esse at Singha Complex a pleasant experience. For instance, the complex has a lush and beautiful garden with a green amphitheater and a hidden Pavilion. The garden is tended to and maintained well to ensure that you get to smile when you feel the warmth of the sun, smell the flowers or walk on green grass with dew on it.

Additionally, you can enjoy relaxing in the Sanctuary Terrain Garden, the Sky Social lounge, and the Sky Edge Swimming pool. What’s more, is that as a resident you have access to the Onsen Japanese hot spring and bathing facility. The steam room, private spa, private sauna, and salon further ensure a relaxed and pleasant stay in your newly purchased luxury condominium unit. 

Is The Esse at Singha Complex The Right Project for You?

All the projects by Singha Estate are unique in their own ways, yet the Esse at Singha Complex is perfect for you if you want a harmonious blend of work and play. Right from the location to the A-grade office, meeting rooms, facilities, amenities, and neighborhood buildings, this complex is built to appreciate value with time. 

While the condo units can make a great place to stay with your beloved family, they can also be purchased as an investment by serious individual investors. You can easily buy one or more units as a foreign buyer who is investing in Thailand’s real estate with foreign income, or through a limited company. If you would like to know the laws of Thailand’s real estate sector then do read the blog, Navigating Legalities of Buying Property In Thailand.

The pricing of the units is private but we at Silk Estate can help you get both the pricing structure as well as a private viewing of available units. Contact Silk Estate today for a no-obligation call back from our team of property experts who can guide you on your journey of finding the perfect luxury condo in the heart of Bangkok city. 

Additionally, you can enjoy relaxing in the Sanctuary Terrain Garden, the Sky Social lounge, and the Sky Edge Swimming pool. What’s more, is that as a resident you have access to the Onsen Japanese hot spring and bathing facility. The steam room, private spa, private sauna, and salon further ensure a relaxed and pleasant stay in your newly purchased luxury condominium unit. 

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