A list of the best areas to live in Bangkok for Foreigners

The Best Areas to Live in Bangkok For Foreigners

The best places to live in Bangkok for foreigners is a question we get asked often. Bangkok is a massive city with nearly 11 million people and is divided into 50 administrative districts.  

Choosing the best place to live will really depend on your own preference and the things that you love to do. However, we wanted to give a little insight into 5 areas of Bangkok we love and enjoy.

If there is a district in Bangkok that you love to spend your time in then do send us an email and tell us why you like that area and we might just include it in this blog post to help other readers.

What to do in Ekkamai?

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One of the newer and upcoming areas for the best clubs, nightlife, restaurants and pubs, Ekkamai deserves more praise than it is given. In close proximity to Thonglor, Soi Ekkamai has all the modern-day dining choices you need with an added bonus of a peaceful yet relaxed vibe. The restaurants in this prime neighbourhood of Bangkok are well known to serve Thai, Cajan, Japanese and Italian cuisines. Nightlife options include top EDM clubs and live performance clubs like Baby Face, DND Nightclub and Barbarbar pub. The Coffee Club, Oriental café and Peach Oriental Tea House are some of the finest breakfast and light dining options in the vicinity. 

Ekkamai also boasts a warm and welcoming sense of community, with a BOHO feel to it. A range of quaint vintage boutiques can be found in plenty in Soi Ekkamai. Young, sophisticated and vibrant crowds often love this neighbourhood which was previously called the Hipster capital of Bangkok but has evolved majorly since then. 

Easily accessible by cabs, tuk-tuks and even the BTS Sky train, Ekkamai also features top real estate options for global citizens seeking to invest in Condos and Penthouses in Bangkok. More information about real estate in Ekkamai can be found on top real estate portals such as Silk Estate

Bangkok is a cultural melting pot with both Thai citizens and foreigners living in perfect harmony. This city has developed significantly in the last decade with the evolving needs of ex-pats and foreigners seeking better, safer, more sophisticated areas to live in. 

While there are over a dozen areas in Bangkok, that can be considered prime residential areas, and it all boils down to individual choices, this list comprises the top 5 top prime residential areas in Bangkok for global citizens. This list is created keeping in mind various important factors like ease of travel, local attractions, the best shopping and safe yet sophisticated neighbourhoods where you can raise your children. 

What to do in Thonglor?

Thonglor area of thailand in Bangkok

Dubbed as one of the prime areas in Bangkok with the best of the affluential Thai crowds, Thong Lo is so much more than just a trendy tourist attraction. This culturally rich neighbourhood is in close proximity to the Lumphini Park and lake, art galleries in Victory Monument and the Grand Palace. Also, close to one of the most elaborate temples in Bangkok, the Wat Arun God of Dawn temple, Thonglor is a much sought-after place to live in the heart of Bangkok. 

Right from the top restaurants and cafes to the best of nightlife such as the Iron Fairies pub and The Beer Club, Thonglor offers many dining and nightlife options. These include Thai, International, Fusion and world cuisines in rustic vintage-themed restaurants as well as up-class and finer dining clubs and pubs. 

The Thonglor Art village is a must-visit place for people looking to see and purchase quaint yet surprisingly affordable vintage-themed products. The Eco Ring is a second-hand store that is a bargain hunter’s paradise as it has everything you need on a budget right from bicycles to musical instruments.

What to do in Sukhumvit?

Popularly known as downtown Bangkok by one and all, Sukhumvit is a busy, vibrant and lively neighbourhood in Bangkok that is well connected via the MRT transport system as well as the BTS sky trains. The Airport Rail Link also connects this neighbourhood to other parts of Bangkok and makes it easy to travel to and from.

Considered the cosmopolitan hub of the city, Sukhumvit is home to the famous Octane Rooftop lounge and bar that boasts the best breathtaking views of Bangkok. Sukhumvit is the perfect mix of class and elegance, with cosy boutique hotels, street stalls, high-rise buildings, upmarket shopping buildings and premium condos for rent and sale. The Grand Center Point Sukhumvit and The Marriot Bangkok Sukhumvit are two of the finest hotels in the vicinity. 

The EmQuartier Bangkok is one of the largest fully air-conditioned and premium malls for people who enjoy the finer things in life. Right from Ferrari showrooms to Prada, Gucci and Dior, this mall contains everything global citizens need to enjoy the best luxuries in life. Another must-visit mall that attracts the crème da la crème in Sukhumvit is the Emporium mall, which has more than just a few dozen shops for top-end tech gear, the best lifestyle brands, home décor and global cuisine restaurants. 

What to do in Bang Na?

Often overlooked by many, Bang Na is one of the finest up-and-coming neighbourhoods this location is perfect for anyone looking for the perfect mix of old-city charm with modern-day amenities. As one of the fastest developing locations in Bangkok, Bang Na has housing choices for people with varying budgets. Including cheaper housing choices through rentals and leasehold properties up to finer condos from developers with reputations that precede them, Bang Na has something in store for every foreign real estate buyer. 

Among the various places to visit located in this area, Seacon Square and BITEC centre are the most popular exhibition and shopping attractions in the vicinity. Connected by both the BTS Sky train and many buses, Bang Na is in close proximity to the Suvarnabhumi Airport as well as other locations such as Chonburi and Samut Prakarn. Sukhumvit and other popular areas of Bangkok are only 30 minutes away from Bang Na via the BTS Sky train, cabs, buses and other popular modes of commute. 

What to do in Ratchada?

A stone’s throw away from the heart of the city, located in the Rama 9 district, this location is perfect for anyone seeking the out-of-city vibe with a bit of modernization. While this can be considered an upcoming neighbourhood, Ratchada has developed significantly over the last decade in terms of facilities, and convenience, and is well connected to the major points in Bangkok. Most popularly known for the Ratchadaphisek Road as a major attraction as well as a prominent landmark, Ratchada is also home to the Thailand Cultural Center and major shopping malls as well as large department stores. 

Ratchada offers a unique combination of residential buildings, commercial enterprises such as shops and malls as well as entertainment options in the form of theatres and clubs. Considered the ideal place for relaxing and unwinding, Ratchada offers Thai and international cuisine choices in the form of a vast range of venues starting from budget eateries and clubs to high-end cafes and nightlife venues located within the Royal City Avenue. The two dedicated and major IT malls in Bangkok are located in Ratchada and are easily accessible by the MRT underground system. The Central Plaza Grand Rama 9 is one of the other shopping highlights of this location built over 12 floors with over 300 shops, this luxurious shopping mall is perfect for people who want to eat, dine, and walk into the huge cinema and shop, all of which in maximum style.

Shopping, Dining, Living in Bangkok For Global Citizens

Bangkok is one of the main cities in Thailand as it generates revenue through tourism, real estate, shops and businesses. While it is believed that Thailand as a whole does not have foreigner-friendly real estate laws, there are exceptions to this. Foreigners can indeed own condos in their own name and it is also expected that with new Thailand Incentives and other perks that will be soon rolled out to eligible global citizens, travelling, working and living in Thailand will be an easier task for foreign global citizens and their loved ones. Read more about these incentives in the Silk Estate blog post. 

If you are a global citizen who wishes to buy condos for living in, for heir and succession purposes or for an investment, then consider choosing a real estate agent that can guide you well, cut through the red tape and get you the maximum value for your investment. 

We at Silk Estate have been chosen by numerous clients to represent them and help them buy property in Thailand in a seamless and transparent way that is beneficial to Global Citizens looking to make Thailand their new home. Contact Silk Estate today to know how we can better your life with easy-to-purchase condos and other housing options in prime residential areas of Bangkok. 

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