Exploring the Green Side of Real Estate - A Guide to Eco-Friendly Homes in Thailand

Exploring the Green Side of Real Estate: A Guide to Eco-Friendly Homes, Villas, and Eco-Condos in Thailand

Are you looking to make a positive impact on the environment while also finding your dream home? Look no further!

In this blog post, we will take you on a journey through the green side of real estate in Thailand. From eco-friendly homes to sustainable villas and eco-condos, we will explore the options available for those looking to live in harmony with nature. From energy-efficient design to sustainable materials, we will guide you through the key features of these properties.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an experienced investor, this post is a must-read for anyone looking to make an eco-conscious decision in their real estate choices.

Join us as we discover the many benefits of living in a green home in Thailand.

Why Do Eco-Friendly Homes in Bangkok and Eco Pool Villas in Phuket Exist?

Thailand is famous for its bamboo, grass, and brick houses, which have been around for generations through decades, unhindered with modernization until now.

However, with a need for modern-day infrastructure, many condo developers and villa construction complexes, have forgotten the old and good ways of creating sustainable housing structures that rely upon on the sun, wind, and rain for their energy sources. 

These modern-day housing complexes while beautiful to look at, run primarily on non-renewable energy sources and are built using traditional construction methods that are not eco-friendly. With changing times, comes a need to adapt and evolve, which has once again given the rise to the development of sustainable housing structures. 

There are many new-age developers making a mark in the luxury real estate sector of Thailand with eco-friendly pool villas, such as Villa Qabalah in Phuket by DNA Collection.

For those who are looking for sustainable green living houses that can run on purely renewable sources of energy, there are many such options available in Thailand, let’s find out more in the paragraphs below. 

Is There A Need For Sustainable Homes and Eco-Friendly Houses in Thailand?

In many cities in Thailand, such as Bangkok, there is a possibility of issues arising due to a lack of eco-friendly housing options. These potential issues range from climate change, temperature fluctuations as well as monsoons causing floods, due to over construction, bad drainage, and overpopulation. 

Carbon-based emissions due to construction, a drastic increase in carbon footprints, and exhaustion of non-renewable energy sources are the present-day problems faced not only by countries such as the USA and the UK but now also Thailand. 

Like many other countries, Thailand aims to be a greener and cleaner country and to reach this goal, Thailand’s government has started making strides in this direction. Thailand was part of the 179 countries that participated in the United Nations Climate Change Conference that took place in 2021.

The participants pledged to reduce carbon-based emissions by 20% by the year 2030 and they also aim to complete further goals of achieving a carbon-neutral status between the years 2050 and 2065. 

What Is A Green Building And How Do Green Buildings Improve Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

According to studies and research done by the World Green Building Council, it has been realized that over 40% of the greenhouse gases emitted in the world, come from the process of construction, and use of traditional housing structures. 

In an attempt to create a more clean and sustainable living space for the present and future generations, it is a must to use a wholesome and holistic method of developing new housing structures.

These methods should ensure that right from the construction until the occupancy and final use stages, the housing structure does not create excessive greenhouse gases, in fact, work to create a holistic environment for the occupants in the structure. 

A green building in the true sense of the word is designed and created from the foundation level to significantly reduce and reverse the negative effects of using non-renewable sources to create and operate buildings. 

A green building can range from a housing structure to hospitals, offices, schools, and shopping malls. Logistics and transport facility buildings as well as recreational grounds can also be built and operated to be green buildings. 

The core concepts of sustainability that define a green building include using natural resources such as wind, solar, and rainwater harvesting technologies to construct and operate these structures. Temperature control and modulation through using green resources such as rooftop gardens, perfect placement of windows, doors, and vents for proper ventilation as well as the insulation used in the entire structure.

Such sustainable housing structures also used glazed and UPVC frames during the process of construction to ensure that the heat transfer is ideal throughout the house. 

an infographic showing about different types of renewable energy and properties.

The Many Benefits of Investing In Sustainable Real Estate

There are many benefits to sustainable living as you likely know. Here are a few of the top reasons why you might want to start living in a sustainable home.  

  • Lower Costs of Running – According to the statistics by the U.N., sustainable houses can cost as less as 21% to run, operate, and function. Further savings can be implemented by combining non-renewable technology for efficient and sustainable living.
  • Independent Power Source – With renewable energy, you do not have to depend on the local power company or water company for running your house. You can use solar panels, wind turbines, rainwater harvesting, insulated walls, and a range of other technologies to live independently.

    This is an excellent way to survive off the grid or function efficiently during power cuts, blackouts, and other such trying scenarios. You can choose to fit an additional solar-powered inverter in your green and eco-friendly houses.

  • Higher Resale Value – Green buildings and sustainable condos, eco-friendly villas can sell for a lot higher than traditional houses that work on exhaustible energy sources. Researches indicate that millennials and Gen Y adults actively seek brands that work towards creating a greener planet. Researches also indicate that over 70% of Gen Y and Millennials would prefer spending their money on socially aware brands.
  • Better Rental Value – These houses are much sought after, by both Thai nationals and foreigners who believe in reducing their carbon footprint and living a holistic life.  You can also get up to a 7% additional rental amount per month for such houses, as compared to traditional houses of the same square meters. 

If you are interested to know more about the reasons to invest in sustainable real estate then, we have compiled a list of the 12 reasons to buy sustainable eco-friendly houses in Thailand

What Are The Different Types of Eco-Friendly Houses and Condos In Thailand That Run on Renewable Energy?

There are a few different types of eco-friendly living options that you can choose from in Thailand. Below we talk about 3 options. 

Pool Villas and Beach Side Villas

Pools villas such as the Villa Qabalah are a fine example of fully functional, efficient yet luxurious housing options in Thailand. Such villas are built using green concepts, reclaimed wood, insulated frames for windows and doors, thermal insulation for the walls as well as rooftop gardens for natural temperature adjustment and modulation.

These villas are also prime examples of communities that live together and come together as one toward building a better, greener, and cleaner planet. If you are interested to know more about eco-pool villas, then you can the blog post about Villa Qabala by DNA collection might interest you. 

Modern Day Bamboo Houses

These quaint and cozy brick wall houses with stone floors, bamboo roofing, and off-grid independent houses look simple from the outside but are actually lavish and built using the best of technology from the inside.

They can be customized to suit your every technology need while giving you peace of mind and solitude in living between nature’s wonders. Such house listings can be procured for you on demand by your trusted realtor such as Silk Estate.

Luxury Condos With A Green Twist

There is an increasing need for condos that are built using the facility of using renewable energy sources to power the condo development, and developers are responding to this need by creating one-of-a-kind condos that are luxurious not only from the outside but also from the inside.

Reclaimed wood fixtures, natural insulation, wind, and solar energy sources, rainwater harvesting, lush green lawns in the common areas, infinity swimming pools, and fully fitted kitchens are some of the many highlights of choosing such luxury condos and homes for sale in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand.

The biggest perk of choosing a luxury condo with a green twist is that these units can be legally owned by expats and foreigners as they fall under the Chanote title deed and up to 41% of these units can be transferred to the name of expat and foreigner unit owners.

Condo developments that follow these rules that have been set by the Thailand Condominium Act can sell these units to expats from any country legally without a hitch.

Should You Invest In An Eco-Friendly Bangkok Condominium or Sustainable Villa in Thailand?

While helping the planet to overcome the effects of pollution, population and severe depletion of resources is reason enough to buy a sustainable house in Thailand. Yet, the benefit to your wallet to operate such houses is an additional benefit that you can reap by investing in green buildings. To ensure that the world survives another century or more, there is a need for a change, and the change can start with you, for your peace and your family’s wellbeing.

These houses aren’t just a smart investment, they are so much more, they can ensure that you live with a garden, and a pool, amidst nature and a feeling of peace and serenity.

These houses can be an investment for a better life, away from the busy streets of the town, in your own private slice of heaven. If you want to know more about eco-homes then the blog post about the positive impact of sustainable homes and the dire need for these green havens might be a good read for you.

How Can You Purchase A Green Pool Villa Or Eco-Friendly Home for Sale in Thailand?

For pool villas, green living condos and other types of real estate that are fueled by renewable energy, contact Silk Estate today. We are one of the leading realtors for Thailand condos, and villas and have helped numerous foreigners and expats find their dream homes in Bangkok, Phuket and other coveted Thai islands. 

If you want a quaint, cozy white picket fence pool villa or even a super luxurious condo in Bangkok, we are the answer to your real estate quest for the perfect house that you can transform into a home. Contact us for a no-obligation callback and we will get back to you in a jiff! 

Don’t take our word for it, give it a try and let us find you a house that meets all your luxurious lifestyle needs. 

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