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Top 10 Reasons To Become An Expat and Move To Thailand In 2023

For travel enthusiasts, Thailand has always been and will always be a top tourist destination, where the land of smiles welcomes everyone. However, is this enough for you to become an expat and move to Thailand?

If your job or business allows you to live and work in Thailand then yes, this is a good starting point, but that’s not all. Thailand has a lot to offer expats who move to the kingdom, and acceptance of foreigners is just one of these things.

Continue reading to know our list of top 10 reasons to become an expat and move to Thailand in 2023.

Cultural Diversity

While some areas of Bangkok are known to be regular meeting points for delegates, businessmen, and a sophisticated population, in contrast, Thailand welcomes people from all nationalities. Irrespective if you are from the UK or the USA, perhaps Dubai or even India, Thailand offers you a place to find and build your own community. It also gives you the unique opportunity to meet, mingle and work with professionals from different lifestyles and different parts of the world. Most importantly, Thailand allows you to be yourself, work and live in a place you love. 

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Beaches, Mai Tais, and Fun

Living in one of the top travel destination spots in the world never gets old, especially if you enjoy taking mini-vacations to recharge yourself periodically. Thailand offers to you the chance of working in the city center, live in style in your very own private condo, and also kick back and relax whenever you find the time. Thailand is known for some of the cleanest beaches in the world such as Toey Ngam beach which is located in Chon Buri and is less than an hour away from Bangkok via taxi. There are numerous other travel destinations within the country, that can help you relax and unwind when it’s time to enjoy life a bit and let go of stress for the time being.

Thailand is a Land of Opportunities

As a top travel destination for tourists from around the world and as the primary hub for the ASEAN center, Thailand has the power to employ people, in both jobs and businesses. This is a land of opportunity, especially for go-getters who will stop at nothing to get their heart’s desires. Thailand offers affordable labor for businesses looking to expand, and revamp their operations and need a set of extra hands on deck while they are traveling. It is possible to get qualified, hard-working and certified staff in Thailand at a fraction of the cost of hiring staff overseas in the USA or the UK.

Real Estate Paradise in Thailand

Owning a basic condo or beach house in Thailand doesn’t cost half as much as you imagine, the cost of property in Thailand is a lot lesser than in the USA or the UK. Buying a condo in Thailand can cost lesser than buying one in Hongkong and Japan.

If you prefer to live the good life and purchase a luxury condo in Thailand, then this can cost you a tad more. Yet the cost to own a furnished luxury condo in Bangkok with the best views of the skyline, in close proximity to the city center as well as tourist attractions, is a lot cheaper than buying a similar condo in your home country. An example of a luxury condo in Thailand is the Beatniq 2 bedroom Condo at Thong Lor, available at a very attractive rate from Silk Estate.

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Cost of Living in Thailand

This is another win for Thailand as this country is cheaper to live in compared to other Asian countries such as Hongkong and other western countries. For retirees, the cost of living in Thailand is a comfortable life can cost as much as $600 a month including rent for a studio apartment.

While the sky is the limit, Thailand gives you an array of resources to utilize if you wish to cut down costs. For instance, a dinner at a café can cost as less as $10 per meal while a filling dinner at a street-side restaurant can cost as less as $5 per meal.

You can also spend $20 on nightlife if you choose to use offers through apps, happy hour prices, and enjoy buy 1 get 1 free weekday offers!

For coffee and tea lovers, cafes are an inexpensive option especially if you visit local small businesses. You can also buy your very own coffee machine and stock up on the best coffee beans at a fraction of the cost you would have spent in your home country.

Thai Elite Visa application

The application process for Thai Elite Visas is straightforward and relatively simple. The fees for the various visa types are affordable for both working professionals and businessmen. These visas can give you the ease of entry, stay and VIP benefits of being a long-term stay expat in Thailand.

You can choose from 5, 10, 15, and 20-year long-term stay in Thailand options while you apply for the visa. You can also extend the same benefits you receive to your immediate family with many types of long-stay Thai Elite Visas.

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Thailand is a Safe Place To Live

Thailand is a safe place to live for families as well as single adults. This country does not see many protests every year, nor is it on the high alert list for terrorism and other forms of crime. If you are worried about mugging and robbery, then staying safe and reaching home late is a good move, however, such crimes are on the decline in the last 5 years.

Many of the newly developed condos are part of gated residential communities, that implement sophisticated security systems to ensure that the residents are safe. These condos are also close to some of the best schools, shopping malls, and convenience stores.

Bangkok and many other cities that are developing at a quick rate, are protected by local law enforcement and are perfectly safe to live in especially if you live in a gated community and are aware of your surroundings.

Thailand Could Be a Wise Investment

If you are an investor who deals in property, then choosing a residency condo in Bangkok could be a good property investment move. Unlike regular condo units that are part of a gated community, residency condo units that are part of a hotel chain eventually pay for themselves over the first few years. These condotel units ensure that you get revenue from the hotel while you let them out back to the hotel.

Keep in mind that condotels are not the first home and are in reality an investment opportunity, yet expats can invest in these and get the title deed legally transferred to their name. Both Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons Residency condos are available for purchase through Silk Estate at attractive prices with good returns on property investments.

Easy to Rent in Thailand

If you wish to first rent out before you purchase a condo then here is the perfect solution for you. You can rent out a condo or a house in Thailand easily as an expat by paying a 2 months advance amount, with an affordable rent amount every month. Renting a fully furnished 2 BHK in a place such as Chang Mai can cost as less as $600 a month. 

These rental accommodations come fully fitted with electrical gadgets, lights, fans, air conditioning units, fridges, microwaves and sofas, and beds too! If you choose to rent out, then you will want to know how to avoid the top pitfalls of renting a condo in Thailand as a foreigner. This could save you a lot of time and money down the road whist living in Thailand.

Convenience at Your Finger Tips

To become an expat and move to Thailand in 2023, you need access to two important services. The first is a relocation company and the second is a reliable realtor.

Choosing a relocation company to shift your furniture and personal effects from your home country to Thailand can be done easily before you move. In your home country look for international packers and movers, that offer insurance for breakage, damage, theft, and loss during transit. To find a reliable realtor to help you purchase a condo in Bangkok or buy a beach house in Phuket, all you need to do is contact Silk Estate today.

We are a leading property service for expats in Thailand and have helped numerous property buyers find their dream homes.

Let's summarize our thoughts.

In conclusion, moving to Thailand in 2023 as an expat has many benefits. From cultural diversity to an abundance of opportunities, Thailand is a great place to find and build your own community.

The country is also known for its beautiful beaches, Mai Tais, and fun. Additionally, Thailand’s cost of living is lower compared to other Asian countries, making it an attractive option for retirees.

The real estate market in Thailand is also booming and offers affordable options for those looking to purchase a property. Overall, Thailand is a great place to live and work and offers something for everyone.

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