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12 Reasons To Buy A Sustainable Home in Thailand

The Need to buy a Sustainable Home in Thailand

Thailand often termed the land of smiles, once had a rustic but worldly charm to it, and parts of cities like Bangkok have still held on to this old-school theme in terms of houses and architecture. 

However, just like all countries that have embraced development to improve the quality of life of the residents, Thailand is no different in this aspect.

In countries such as the USA, eco-friendly homes are a reality with the market for sustainable homes are set to reach $99.8 Billion by the mid of 2023. While Thailand, is not at this mark as yet, the Thailand is not too far behind.

In the last decade, Thailand’s real estate market has started seeing an influx of sustainable homes, with pool eco-friendly villas, and other housing structures that run on rainwater harvesting among other sustainable technologies.

If you are planning to buy property in Thailand in the year 2023, then here is all you need to know about the reasons, benefits, and ways to buy a sustainable home in Thailand.

#1 – Homes That generate A Lower Carbon Footprint And Are Good for The Environment

In a nutshell, sustainable homes are good for the environment and easy on your pocket too. Sustainable homes are built using the concept of self-generation of electricity and may also include rainwater harvesting for farming, organic gardens, or water for utilization in the common areas and exterior parts of the building.


Since these housing units are created from organic and chemical-free construction materials, they are good for the environment. They also offer residents a healthy living environment as well as plenty of natural sunlight and breeze throughout the structure.

In the last decade, Thailand’s real estate market has started seeing an influx of sustainable homes, with pool eco-friendly villas, and other housing structures that run on rainwater harvesting among other sustainable technologies.

If you are planning to buy property in Thailand in the year 2023, then here is some important information you will want to know about the reasons, benefits, and ways to buy a sustainable home in Thailand.

#2 – Sustainable Houses Are Good For Your Pocket

Sustainable housing structures are good for saving money on a long-term basis as these homes save electricity, and water bills as they use solar, wind, and other renewable technologies to generate their own electricity source.

These units can be part of a bigger structure such as a residential development project. These residential units can also be built in the middle of nowhere, an instance of this would be an Earthship home.

Sustainable homes are so much more than a fad of this generation, they are the pathway to a greener, cleaner, and more balanced future. Sustainable homes are not mere rustic brick and straw homes, they are sophisticated independent housing units that run on self-generated electricity and water harvest systems.

Sustainable housing units may also be built using significantly improved architectural planning techniques to ensure that the home heats and cools itself through the placement of windows, doors, and a rooftop garden.

#3- Eco-Friendly Homes Use Energy Efficiently Which Is A Big Advantage

There are two advantages of using energy efficiently, the first is the massive positive impact it has on the environment, and the second is the improved quality of life you get when you choose to buy a sustainable home.

Homes that use energy efficiently can make sure that you get lower heating bills. Adding materials while constructing the house to insulate it thoroughly is one of the ways these homes can reduce heating bills. Building a rooftop garden can also ensure that the house stays cool in the daytime, especially around afternoons when the sun shines at its brightest.

Using additional methods of insulation that are recycled, upcycled, and available easily, is also good for the environment. An example of such homes is shipping container houses that use refurbished shipping containers to create the outsides of the eco-friendly home.

#4 – Sustainable Housing Offers To You Multiple Choices for Green Architecture and Energy

Wind energy is created using wind turbines placed systematically in the house, to generate electricity for self-consumption. This form of renewable and green energy is highly effective as it is inexhaustible and does not contaminate. More importantly, it reduces the need for using fuels that create large amounts of greenhouse gases. These greenhouse gases increase the overall carbon footprint as well as directly and adversely impact global warming.

Similar to wind energy is solar energy which is a renewable form of energy derived through solar panels placed in strategic spots usually on the roof among other areas of the house. This clean and inexhaustible form of energy works best when the sun shines at its brightest. Solar energy can be used to power a full house, including geysers in bathrooms, electronics, and even gadgets.

Rainwater harvesting systems can reduce water usage, reduce the need for depending on an external source of water, prevent water wastage, promote both water as well as energy use and consumption, and can significantly improve the overall quality of local groundwater. These units are often part of a green architecture that is used to create a wholesome and holistic fully self-sustained system.

#5 –Houses Made With Natural Materials Aid In Creating A Greener Planet

In the last decade alone, people have started realizing that they need to take care of the planet, as they live here and are indeed an integral part of the ecosystem. This realization has created a movement where in housing developments are trying to find greener, renewable sources of energy to power the housing structures.

Green energy and sustainable technologies comprise more than just solar panels and wind turbines. They also consist of construction and placement methods while building the house. For instance, using green energy construction techniques such as reclaimed wood is good for forests, and the environment and also gives your house a pleasant aesthetical theme.

Another instance is, by using the proper placement of water sprinklers, you can save up to 30% on your water bills as well as prevent water wastage, which in turn can contribute towards the reduction of the global water crisis.

#6 – Sustainable Homes Ensure An Increased Property Value

The technology used to build a home directly affects the property value. This is especially true when it comes to renewable energy sources which are a much sought-after asset in 2023. With prices of fuel, water, and electricity skyrocketing every year, to a new high every calendar year, sustainable homes can be worth triple their value in as less as 5 years.

Traditional homes built on non-renewable and exhaustible energy sources will soon become a burden and liability if the cost of purchasing basic amenities such as water and electricity continues to rise. Sustainable homes that self-generate their source of power and water are the future, and this is a unanimous belief around the world.

According to multiple surveys and results, based on the type of technology used, the size of the house, and its location, the estimated value of appreciation of eco-friendly houses is 8% to 30% per year. This is much higher than the comparison to the 2-10% appreciation of the value of traditional homes per year.

#7 – Green Homes Give You Better Indoor Air Quality and Overall Improved Quality of Life

The last few years have taught us many important lessons, out of which one of the most important lessons is the need for better indoor air quality. While sustainable homes are built using natural and effective insulation methods to preserve heat and cold, this doesn’t hinder the possibility of better air quality.

Properly placed and designed windows, and doors allow in plenty of natural air and breeze as well as ventilation which is a must for eco-friendly houses. These houses when built around gardens or with lawns, provide maximum oxygen and clean air during the day. Moreover, many Thai property developers are now installing air filtration units that run on natural technologies. These air filtration units throughout the house can ensure that the air you breathe is safe for you at all times.

#8 – Quieter and Peaceful Living

Eco-friendly homes are quieter than traditional homes as they do not run-on traditional and troublesome gadgets or technology that generates noise pollution and air pollution. Instead, they are built using the concept of “being one with nature.” These Thailand homes may also have indoor pools, private gardens, and other natural elements within the structure. Villa Qabalah at Phuket is one of the finest examples of green living, with many natural elements within the house and in the common areas.

Gardens, lawns, and balconies can also give you tranquility, peace of mind, and a feeling of calm. They can ensure that you get adequate relaxation and feel a sensation of Zen while you work from home or relax on the weekends.

You can also check out the developer’s website for Villa Qabalah in Thailand but make sure to get in contact with us for the best deals to buy a sustainable home in Thailand.

#9 – Improved Physical Health and Mental Well-Being

The hustle and bustle of living in a fast-paced city is great for convenience but can take a serious toll on your physical health as well as mental well-being. Imagine getting away from all of the noise, air pollution, and loud surroundings in a miniature version of paradise on Earth.

This is possible in developments that are created a bit away from busy city roads, on the way to hills, mountains, and beaches. These eco-friendly developments are often part of a gated township and have all the amenities you need within the gates of the township. You can enjoy all the amenities you desire at arm’s length, right from sports courts to mini supermarkets and swimming pools, gymnasiums, saunas, steam rooms, spa services, and more.

Organic farming gardens to grow your own vegetables that are connected to rainwater harvesting systems and many other natural features are the main highlights of such sustainable Thailand homes. Taking a stroll in the rooftop gardens in the evening, and enjoying the smaller joys of life like enjoying the fragrances of home-grown flowers are real possibilities in sustainable Thailand houses.

#10 – Sustainable Architecture Homes Are Cheaper & Easier To Maintain With Potential Tax Benefits In Thailand As Well

It is estimated that eco homes are 30% cheaper to maintain, as the sustainable architecture used to create these structures is durable, cheaper to replace, and easier to renovate. 

Solar panels on average last 3 to 4 decades before they need to be fixed or replaced. Since these natural sources of energy do not have movable parts, they do not need regular maintenance as well.

Wind turbines can last more than a few decades and with routine maintenance, these highly efficient forms of renewable energy can also provide backup in case of blackouts and emergencies.

Air filtration units that run on natural techniques are simpler to clean, replace and fit back into place. Reclaimed wood that has been cured properly can last for a very long time as well and replacing such wood during renovations can be cost-effective with the right contractor.

Homes fitted with LED bulbs are approximately 75% more energy efficient, and the cost of lighting these bulbs is also a lot lesser.

Countries such as US and UK offer tax benefits and tax breaks to homeowners that use good quality and durable renewable energy systems that have been licensed to operate on the premises. As of now in Thailand, talks have been going on within the government with potential tax breaks and perks for green homes.

At this point in time, the Thai tax code offers incentives for the nascent green building sector as the Board of Investment offers active perks for businesses that run truly green energy and efficient businesses. These benefits while applicable for businesses may soon be transferred to residential houses in the next few years, watch this space for more information.

#11 – Green Houses Give You Enhanced Comfort

Houses that run on renewed and renewable energy can give you more than the comfort of living in a green space of peace. These houses are built specifically using multiple technologies to ensure that you can sleep in peace without worrying about a single thing.

UPVC Double Glazing Frames are often used to create green homes, providing you with a combination of strength and comfort. These frames keep the heat in, and noise outside the house. The frames are typically used for doors, windows, and other places where the architect feels that additional insulation is needed.

LED Automated safe lighting technology ensures that the lights are used only when there is a power cut and they automatically switch on when the power is restored. These LED Automated safe lighting units can be installed in all the living spaces, bathrooms, and even around the exteriors such as lawns and yards.

#12 – Green Living Houses Offer You Flexibility

Green living houses are versatile and give you flexibility, as with most technologies, these houses can be upgraded with time. Since these houses are set in places a bit far from the city, as a homeowner, you can enjoy a larger space as well, which is suitable if you have a family.

More importantly, raising a family in a house that runs on a low carbon footprint, that doesn’t pollute, instead repairs nature and gives you clean air, a peaceful living environment is priceless. These housing units are independent of one another, but can help build a community of people who love the environment, are interested in preserving nature, and are in harmony working towards the betterment of the planet.

Is The Decision To Buy A Sustainable Home Thailand Is A Worthwhile Investment?

Green homes are pleasant to look at, a delight to live in, and can save you money on a long-term basis. These energy-efficient homes are the future as they are made using reliable, durable, cost-effective, and easily upgradable technologies.

Such living spaces can give you peace of mind, happiness, and enhanced comfort as well. Such homes are worth investing in if you are a foreigner looking to live, work, or relocate in Thailand.

These enhanced sustainability homes are also ideal for you if you are a businessman who wants to invest in property that will quickly and steadily appreciate in value.

How Can You Buy A Sustainable Home from A Top Rated Thailand Developer?

To get the best options to buy a sustainable home in Thailand, get in contact with us and book a free consultation call today. 

We can help make the process of buying an eco-friendly home more pleasurable than most agencies. Contact us now for a no-obligation and complimentary callback from our team of expert realtors in Thailand.

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