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World-Class Prime Real Estate Residence Options For Your Second Home in Bangkok

Thailand is known as a land of wonder for foreigners that wish to travel to Bangkok and other cities. Thailand is also known as a land of opportunities for Thai real estate developers who seek to push the limits and create new-age and contemporary projects for those who wish for a fine living experience. Most importantly, Thailand is known as a land of smiles for families who travel from different countries and want to make this culturally rich land, their second home.

A lot has changed in Thailand over the last decade. Right from real estate to long-stay visa laws, Thailand’s policies for foreigners have evolved steadily with the need to adapt to changing times. The cumulative effect of all of these policy changes has resulted in new and first-time real estate developers creating better projects with a truly premium feel.

New Residence Projects That Give You Unlimited Luxurious Living Choices in Thailand

An instance of one such newcomer in the real estate sector is SCOPE Collection. This realtor took things up not just one but many levels, since their first project in 2019, and they haven’t looked back ever since. SCOPE Collection may be new in the real estate development sector, but the company and its core team have over 30 years of accumulated experience in the industry.

Continue reading to know must-know facts about the SCOPE Collection, the 3 projects they have for sale in Thailand, and why SCOPE projects should be on your must-buy list if you seek a luxury living. 

Live Life At Its Finest – Premium Condominium Projects By Scope Langsuan In Bangkok

SCOPE Collection offers bespoke projects to a foreign audience of international buyers that seek premium condo units in the heart of Bangkok city. This developer builds unique projects without repetition of past designs and concepts, with each new project offering something tasteful and different.

The first project by this upcoming developer is known as SCOPE Langsuan and is by far the most expensive condo project in the entire country. This project is on Langsuan road and consists of a total of 133 condo units built on a high skyrise building over 34 floors. The units can be bought individually in your name even if you are an international buyer looking for a freehold title deed that you can transfer to your name upon purchase. 

The Langsuan project has been designed by the world-renowned designer, Thomas Juul-Hansen. In addition, Kohn Pedersen Fox, another famous and acclaimed designer has worked with SCOPE on a consultancy level as well.

The second project by this new yet experienced developer is known as SCOPE Promsri and is a luxury project built on a low-rise building of 8 floors. The project consists of a total of 146 condo units that can be purchased by you even if you are a foreigner looking for a freehold Chanote title deed.

The Prompsri project is a class apart from most condo projects in the neighborhood. This is especially true because it has been constructed and designed to be a part of the city yet offers a private getaway when you need peace and solitude. The harmonious combination of lush greenery with Yucatan’s Natural Cenotes works in perfect synchronization to combine the outsides with the interiors to give you a private sanctuary of Zen, happiness, and tranquility. The interiors of this project have been designed in collaboration with Ligne Roset, one of the leading brands in the world for luxurious furniture. Each unit comes with a Prado Sofa and the residents can choose the color they want for the fabric in their very own customized Prado Sofa.

The third project by this luxury condo project developer is known as SCOPE Thonglor and is a super luxury project built for a small community living experience. The Thonglor project consists of a total of 18 private penthouse suites, that have been meticulously crafted by Thomas Juul-Hansen, a world-class and renowned interior designer.

In close proximity to the BTS Skytrain Station at Thonglor, and fitted with the best of amenities, the Thonglor project is one of the most promising projects by SCOPE as yet. The Thonglor project is also offered under a freehold title with a Chanote deed that can be transferred in your name even if you are an international buyer. 

Premium Real Estate Projects That Are Styled Uniquely Yet Have Lavish Amenities

Amenities such as a private swimming pool are common amenities offered by most developers in Thailand, however, such projects lack an important element, which is nature. All of the projects by SCOPE have included elements of nature such as greenery and waterways to ensure that if you live in the busy city of Bangkok, you still do not miss out on the feeling of serenity while you are relaxing at home. 

An instance of this is the Promsri project which is built to encompass a large pool with lush green plants all around it with a Mexican Cenote theme. Additionally, the outdoor, communal, and private areas have been designed using Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula Cenote themes which make them simply breathtaking to view and walk through.

The larger units of the Promsri project are sold with included in the condominium price, Ettoriano chairs by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci. Furthermore, the lounge areas and common spaces have chairs to relax in and these furniture units are an integral part of the Ligne Roset’s Taru, Valmy, and Saparella collections.

To offer a sense of privacy and harmony, the SCOPE Promsri project also comes equipped with architectural delights such as full-sized glass windows with blackout blinds. These blinds are motorized and the glass used to create the windows is reflective in nature. Additionally, the acoustic window film used to create these panels offer a 30% reduced noise transfer effect.

That’s not all, every unit comes fitted with top-of-the-line bathroom fixtures and kitchen appliances. The gadgets offered within the price of the condo unit include Miele kitchen gadgets, Liebherr fridge units, Kohler showers, and other fixtures in each and every bathroom.

In-House Facilities in The Best Private Residences In The World That Can Make Your Life Comfortably Stylish

There is a fine line between comfortable and stylish, however, SCOPE projects have found the key elements to combine both these traits to offer a truly comfortably stylish life, all within the walls of the condo and penthouse units. An instance of this would be the 24 hours 7 days a week concierge desk, around-the-clock security with key card access, guards, and CCTV cameras as well as a receptionist and on-demand housekeeping services. Additionally, the developer also offers a 24-hour pickup service for all its residents to keep things seamless and life very comfortable. 

SCOPE, as a developer has taken the best elements of offering the best facilities while using international and world-class standards. This is done to ensure that you do not have to lift a finger if you buy a condo unit at any one of the SCOPE projects, as similar must-have facilities are offered in all of the projects.

An Assured Luxurious Lifestyle In Your Private Luxurious Condo or Penthouse

If you have a discerning taste and love the finer things in life, do not like settling until truly satisfied, then SCOPE Collection may be a good choice for you. Keeping in mind that these projects do not repeat themes, accents, and amenities, as each project is unique in the true sense of the world, the final outcome is bliss in your own version of paradise.

While the Thailand real estate market is bound to see slight fluctuations, it can be said that projects that offer such amenities and facilities are less likely to depreciate in value, and are more likely to appreciate in cost when it’s time to sell. Moreover, the reputation of the developer also plays an important role when potential buyers are seeking a new condo to buy. SCOPE has a clean and pristine reputation and is an upcoming developer to watch with a proven history of selling high-end condo units to international buyers.

All three super luxurious projects can be considered worthwhile investments if you choose to live here, or even if you are an investor that chooses to sell the condo unit later on for a better price. 

The pricing of SCOPE projects depends largely on the chosen project and the selected unit; however, the median pricing of these condos is 90,323,185 TBH. Annual growth of 13.1% has been observed in the pricing of the Langsuan project and this is only expected to increase in the years 2023 and 2024.

Choosing SCOPE Collection with Silk Estate By Your Side Every Step of The Way

To get a private viewing of the projects by SCOPE collection, contact Silk Estate today.

Silk Estate is more than your chosen realtors in Thailand that you come to for a quick purchase. We are your preferred Thailand property experts that offer you a smooth and pleasant experience from the moment you choose to contact us, and even until the day you come back to us again for another purchase.

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