Introducing The Sipaninn by Singha Estate

Introducing The Sipaninn by Singha Estate – Luxury Residences In Thailand

The real estate market of Thailand has witnessed its fair share of ups and downs, however, compared to the last few decades the property market in Thailand is at an all-time high. There is a plethora of options available for buyers with varying budgets, and for global citizens that wish to invest in Thailand’s real estate sector, there is no time like the present. 

Contributing factors for the flourishing Thai property market include established developers offering super luxury villa projects that are within the reach of global citizens and new developers re-developing older neighborhoods to create a SOHO vibe with townhouses and luxury condos within the heart of Bangkok city. 

Choosing between the many choices can be a confusing task for many first-time luxury private residency buyers. While there are many penthouse options such as Four Seasons, and the Ritz Carlton private residences that offer panoramic city views, if you like nature then there may be a better option for you!

Continue reading to know the various elements of making an informed decision that applies to you as a buyer seeking a lush and green luxury private residency in Thailand. Listed here are the various elements for a smooth purchase transaction and a factual review of Singha Estate, one of the leading luxury private residency developers in Thailand. 

Private Residencies In The Midst of Greenery and Nature

SIRANINN Residences by Singha Estate is a premium and luxury project created with a modern tropical styling element. Located in Pattanakaran, which is an upcoming neighborhood a mere 5 kilometers away from Thonglor, the project comprises a total of 28 private residencies. The aim of the developer, Singha Estate was to create a private sanctuary on an expansive ground with lush, manicured lawns and well-tended green grounds. 

While the project is located away from busy roads, it is in close proximity to all the nearby amenities needed for a fully functional life. For instance, one of the top shopping malls in Thonglor, known as J Avenue is only 7.5 kilometers away from the private residencies. The M District which is another preferred shopping mall is 10 kilometers away and Siam Paragon, the epicentre for all things luxury is only 13 kilometers away.

The Elements of Luxury Real Estate - Art Deco and Elegantly Designed Homes In An Exclusive Layout

Deforestation is a real threat globally and especially in countries such as Thailand. However, in the last decade, many developers in Thailand have started preserving nature while creating exclusive nature-friendly luxury real estate projects. Singha Estate is one of these developers that has used a unique concept of including nature to provide a private sanctuary for buyers such as you who desire harmony, peace, and tranquility.

The entire project of SIRANINN Residences by Singha Estate is built over a large area of 23 Rai in a residential zone, with plenty of preserved trees that are included in the project. These majestic trees haven’t been cut down for development, instead are included in the landscape which is a great way to preserve nature and add value to the project.

Upon viewing, we believe that the private residencies are placed right in the center of greenery and nature, making them perfect as a getaway from the busy streets of Thonglor and city life. 

An interesting fact we discovered about SIRANINN Residences by Singha Estate is that the entire project comprises 28 detached houses with individual walls in 28 separate plots, which ensures ultimate privacy for its residents. 

The theme used by Singha Estate to create all the villas is uniform throughout the entire project and this makes the villas a stylish appeal. When it comes to the topic of the finishing touches, décor, and overall feel, the villas have an elegant and sophisticated Art Deco vibe with a subtle hint of Thai architecture. A minimalistic theme with subtle colors and earthly tones has been used to create these private pool villas. Additionally, elements of nature such as greenery with plants and trees while using large open spaces for plenty of light and ventilation have been used throughout all 28 villas. 

More importantly, the entire project is registered with the Thailand Land Department as a freehold project. This is an added benefit, especially for foreign investors and global citizens who want the title deed registered in their name upon purchase of one of the detached houses. If you would like to know more about the importance of title deeds and reasons foreign investors should choose freehold Chanote title deeds, then do read the blog post, An Investor’s Guide To Land Title Deeds For Property Purchase in Thailand.

The True Legacy SIRANINN Residences by Singha Estate project consist of highly customizable detached houses. This allows you to purchase a semi-furnished villa, with the best of fixtures, and a fully fitted kitchen with completely painted walls, but without additional décor around the house. You can choose to add the finishing touches of decorating your purchased villa any way you see fit, without being forced to buy a furnishing package unless you choose to invest additionally in this added feature. 

Private Residences With Amenities To Help You Relax, Enjoy and Soak in All The Good Things In Life

One of the benefits of such projects is that within the walls of the True Legacy SIRANINN Private Residences by Singha Estate, residents can find all the amenities needed to truly live in style. Right from private infinity pools for each detached private home to gardens, terraces, and balconies, these units are well-planned and constructed to keep both comfort and functionality in mind. 

Outside the walls of the private residencies, you can locate some of the best hospitals and schools in Thailand. For instance, Bangkok Hospital, one of the major hospitals with some of the best modern-day medical amenities, is located only 7 kilometers away. Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital is only 8 kilometers away from the gate. Additionally, Bamrungraj Hospital is only a 10 kilometers distance from SIRANINN Residences by Singha Estate. 

Similarly, Bangkok Prep a leading educational institute for 3- to 18-year-old children that follow an international curriculum and has been voted as one of the best international schools in the country, is only 5 kilometers away. St. Andrews International School, the most preferred school by expats that welcomes students of all nationalities, is only 6 kilometers away from the residencies. Brighton College Bangkok, one of the best universities with an International curriculum in Thailand is 10 kilometers from this project.

Luxury Homes For Sale In Thailand That Come With A Pristine Reputation Built Over the Years By Delivering On Promises

Singha Estate has worked its way up the ranks by creating multiple residency projects, right from detached houses to sky-rise residencies in Thailand. Singha Estate is also set to develop an additional 5 new projects in 2023 and 2024 which are valued at approximately 10 billion THB.

Transparency in all things sales is the highlight of choosing a renowned real estate developer and this is one of the positive attributes of Singha Estate as well. The pricing structure and additional fees for the paperwork have been mentioned on the Singha Estate website.

This developer has also been featured in various publications such as National Thailand, due to their transparent policies, efficient sales team, and smooth after-sales process.

Competitive Pricing That Fits In Your Budget for Luxury Thai Private Residencies

SIRANINN Residences comprises 3 types of homes. The first is termed Residency 1 which is built on 820 square meters and is the largest of all 3 types of homes, ideal for larger families. The second is termed Residency 2 and is built on 682 square meters and is suitable for nuclear families. The third is termed Residency 3 and is built on 551 Square meters and makes for an ideal place of luxury living for 1 to 3 residents. 

The pricing for the type 3 smaller private residencies starts at 80 Million THB which is approximately $2,333,932. The pricing for the type 1 larger residency is capped at 180 Million TBH which is approximately $ 5,251,042. These private waterfront pool villas have 1 to 3-bedroom options with 1 to 3-bathroom choices and offer a breathtaking view of the nearby greenery and scenic views too. 

Luxury Real Estate In Thailand and The Overall Experience Of SIRANINN Residences and Villas by Singha Estate

The overall experience of these detached houses is that of premium luxury that is untainted by modern elements such as smoke, pollution, busy roads, large crowds, and the stress of living within the heart of a city such as Bangkok.

The project has an allure, especially for investors who love the finer things in life and also smaller joys in life such as gardens with flowers of all colors. If you believe that nature must be preserved for future generations, and would like to live a lavish life with all possible amenities within the walls of your home, then this project is meant for you. 

Private viewing of the true Legacy SIRANINN Residences by Singha Estate is the best way to know for sure if this project is the perfect fit for you and your family.

The estimated value of the total project is valued at 2.9 Billion THB and it is estimated that approximately 95% of the residencies are sold out or have been booked for final sale.

If you wish to be one of the owners of these super luxurious and elite private residencies, then contact Silk Estate today! Our team of property experts will get back to you with a complimentary no-obligation call to help you find your very own private sanctuary in the heart of lush and ever-green Thailand.

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