Land Measurement in Thailand

Converting Rai and Wah and Rai to Acre can be confusing, and this could lead to potential legal issues if not properly understood an areas get miss measured. It’s crucial to comprehend the size of the property or land you’re buying.

Here are basic conversions in Thailand’s land measurement system:

  • Rai: A unit of area measurement in Thailand. 1 Rai equals 4 Ngan or 1600 square meters.
  • Ngan: A unit equal to 1/4 Rai.
  • Wah: A unit equal to 4 square meters, used for measuring length or area in Thailand.
  • Acre: A unit commonly used in the United States and other countries, approximately 4047 square meters or 43,560 square feet.
  • Hectare: A unit commonly used worldwide, equal to 10,000 square meters or roughly 2.471 acres.
  • Square meter: A unit of area measurement used globally.
  • Square feet: A unit of area measurement used in the United States and other countries.

By understanding these conversions, you can ensure clarity when signing contracts and confidently purchase the right-sized property or land.

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Advanced Rai Calculator



Question: How many hectares are there in 1 rai? Answer: There are 0.16 hectares in one rai.

Conversion chart:

  • 1 hectare is equal to 6.25 rai.
  • 5 hectares is equal to 31.25 rai.
  • 10 hectares is equal to 62.5 rai.
  • 15 hectares is equal to 93.75 rai.
  • 20 hectares is equal to 125 rai.
  • 25 hectares is equal to 156.25 rai.
  • 30 hectares is equal to 187.5 rai.
  • 40 hectares is equal to 250 rai.
  • 50 hectares is equal to 312.5 rai.

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