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What Makes Villa Qabalah One of The Best Luxury Eco-Friendly Villa in Phuket?

The real estate market in Thailand is booming, and with an influx of new developers capturing the interests of foreign condo and villa buyers. A majority of these upcoming developers are bringing to the table new age ideologies such as Villa Qabalah eco-friendly villas that are built using sustainable living options. 

Contrary to the countless claims made by many developers that offer modern villas with a garden and call it green living, sustainable living options are so much more than just having one large garden on the premises or a well-trimmed lawn. These living options are more to do with giving residents an option to live in projects that conserve energy while building a community that treasures the blessings provided by nature. 

At this point in time, there are a handful of developers offering eco-friendly pool luxury villas in Phuket, but there is not really one main developer that has made a noteworthy name in the market. Villa Qabalah by DNA Collection is a flagship project of ultra-luxury eco-friendly pool villas in Cherngtalay, Phuket. These villas are built while embracing nature to its fullest and have both exceptional architecture and abundant greenery in the project. Moreover, these villas use additional green energy features throughout the project to harness the power of mother earth.

Who is The Developer DNA and What Do They Do?

DNA is an acronym that defines the motto and beliefs of the builder of Villa Qabalah, Phuket. This developer is miles apart from other developers as the emphasis is put on starting life through greenery and eco-friendly living. This can be seen throughout the project with rustic and artistic wooden decor, building a community of nature lovers, instead of focusing on snazzy artificial exteriors as well as commercial activities. 


Design – The motto followed by the developer is “Timeless Unique Design”, which can be seen in various elements of this project, that set it worlds apart from other developers. More information about the Design of this project can be found on the DNA developer website.


Nature – The focus here is to reduce carbon footprints using raw materials, furnishings, and other energy-saving methods. The aim is to create a project that doesn’t pollute the planet but instead works towards reducing the toxins in the air, with green living. 


Aliveness – The common areas are the grounds for the residents to meet and connect over diversified activities. The aim here is for current and future residents to get together with other like-minded nature lovers to build a community that is fully sustainable using the fruits given by mother nature and to give back to the community as well through well-maintained and perfectly manicured, lawns and rooftop gardens. 

What Are The Highlights of The Villa Qabalah Project?

Being One With Nature – This project firmly believes that nature has immense powers to do with healing people both physically and mentally. While other developers put emphasis on creating steel, mirror, and modern-looking villas, the Villa Qabalah Project puts emphasis on giving residents of the project peace of mind and tranquillity by using nature as the cornerstone. The green areas outside the living spaces can be viewed in comfort from every room.


Immaculate Roof Top Gardens – The developer has blended nature seamlessly into the design with rooftop gardens for every villa, that work not only to provide clean air and a quiet breathing and living space but also to naturally cool down the villa from the harsh rays of the afternoon sun. As all the individual rooftop gardens merge into one, from above the villa looks like a large landscaped garden offering a spectacular camouflage effect. 


Mineral Swimming Pools – The mineral pools are another important feature of this project as these pools have minimum chlorine content but instead use naturally occurring ocean minerals to disinfect the water and relax the resident while he uses the pool. Some of the natural minerals used in the water include but are not limited to small amounts of sodium and magnesium.


Wooden Interior Decoration – The wood and the preservation method of the wood used to create the project have an interesting tale. DNA developers has used Yakisugi wood, which loosely translates to burned Cedar which is a type of sustainable, durable, and waterproof wood. This is used throughout the project for interior decoration as it gives residents the feel of luxury, comfort, and true sustainability. 


Green Energy Generation – Green energy options such as solar panels for solar power generation are placed in various parts of the project Villa Qabalah. This move was made to reduce the carbon footprint of the project while offering cheaper and eco-friendly energy options to residents. The project Villa Qabalah hopes and strives to build a strong community between mother nature and its residents through green, eco-friendly, sustainable, and clean living. This project is well planned, well executed, and now available for sale to a limited number of residents. 

Types of Villas Available For Sale in Project Villa Qabalah

Type A Moss Villas – These villas consist of 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, with a starting price of TBH 13 Million to TBH 14 Million. 

Type B Fern Villas – 4 units of 3 bedroom, and 3.5-bathroom villas, will be ready to move in by the end of the year. The prices for these villas start at TBH 18 Million and go up to TBH 19 Million. 

Type C Pine Villas – These villas consist of 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms as well as inbuilt private 2 parking garages per unit. The starting price of these villas is TBH 27 Million and goes up to TBH 36 Million. 

Note: All the prices mentioned here are subject to change without prior notice as per the discretion of the developer. Furnishing options are given to residents and all furnishing options are highly customizable and eco-friendly as well.

Additional Amenities Offered by DNA and Villa Qabalah

In an attempt to ensure that residents have everything they need within the walls of the project, the developer has built an in-house café, named Tree O Clock. This café is open to residents of the project as well as their guests and offers pastries, coffees, and savouries, as well as more elaborate dining options. 

Comprehensive security solutions through cameras in common areas at all times of the day and night are intended to keep the residents safe while they relax in their villas and rejuvenate mentally and emotionally. Additionally, the developer has ensured that each unit is equipped with a smart door lock. 

A full-fledged health and relaxation center for massage, spa, yoga, sauna, and other relaxation therapies is also open to the residents of this project. An outdoor area that is pet friendly is also part of the project, as well as a multi-function room for residents to gather and celebrate occasions. 

The rooftop garden also acts as a miniature farm with an option to grow their chosen produce such as fruits and vegetables, to ensure that the choice of sustainable living is easily available to the residents at all times. 

How Can You Buy Villa Qabalah Units?

To buy a Villa Qabalah unit or to gift a unit to your spouse, contact Silk Estate today to get started on choosing a villa, furnishing options, and more customizations.

Get in touch with us for a no-obligatory call to know more about living the good life in Villa Qabalah which is built within nature in the heart of Phuket. 

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