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All You Need To Know About The Best Preschools in Thailand (1-3 yrs) – Choosing The Best International Nursery for Your Child

The British International School (BIS) which is located in Phuket was founded in 1996 as a co-learning day school, with an option for boarding facilities as well. The tropical island scenery and landscape are considered to be one of the highlights of this preschool as it helps children study and play among the various elements of nature. 

Core concepts of BIS include overall well-being, a balance between learning and hobbies as well as imparting education through the best teaching practices to an International community. The annual tuition of BIS for preschool facilities without boarding ranges from 400,000 – 600,000 THB.

Choose the Best International Preschool and Best Kindergarten in the Heart of Bangkok That Combines Fun And Learning Through Modern Programmes 

The basis of education starts at Kindergarten and preschool, which is why it is crucial to choose a preschool that focuses on all-around development with equal importance for fun and learning. While many kindergarten schools in Thailand offer a fun learning environment, some of these schools are stand-alone establishments. In contrast, others are international kindergartens that are part of larger academic institutions. 

Relocating to Thailand with a family is a major life decision, that can work out to your benefit, especially if you plan to enroll your young kids in a top-rated preschool. Let’s find out important facts such as how you know which preschool is good for your kids and which pre-schools in Bangkok are close to your urban style loft or super luxury condo in Bangkok city center. 4

Thailand Pre Schools choose the right scool in Thailand for internation forigners
All You Need To Know About The Best Preschools in Thailand (1-3 yrs) - Choosing The Best International Nursery for Your Child

3 Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best Thai International Pre-school or Kindergarten in Bangkok 

1)    Distance – There are two approaches to finding a preschool when families move abroad. The first approach is to find a home close to a school you want your children to attend, the second approach is to find a school close to a home you have already selected. If education is of utmost importance to you, then the first approach might work to your benefit.

The distance between your place of work, your home, and the school is also an important factor to consider especially if you have a hectic schedule. Do not fret though, as most schools in Thailand have pick-up and drop-off services by chartered school buses that are perfectly safe to opt-in for. 

2)    Fee Structure – Smaller and more independent kindergartens and pre-schools offer a lower fee structure per annum. For instance, ABC Pathways is an international kindergarten on the interiors of Sukhumvit Road charging approximately 200,000 – 400,000 THB per annum. Compared to larger schools such as British International School, that charge 400,000-600,000 TBH per annum.

The key difference between both types of educational institutes is that while ABC Pathways is a good example of a progressive learning school, that teaches an international community of students in English, they only teach students in the age range of 1 year & 2 months to 6 years. However, the British International School teaches international students in English who are between the ages of 2 years to 18 years. This implies that students do not have to change schools after they complete kindergarten, which may be good for the stability of continued education. This may be one of the factors to consider if you are planning to permanently move to Thailand, but it may not be of much importance if you are planning to relocate for just a few years. 

Keep in mind that many schools charge an application fee of 4,000 to 10,000 TBH as well as a one-time student fee of anywhere up to 400,000 TBH as well as a deposit of up to 100,000 TBH. In most cases, local taxes, capital assessment fees, and play group fees might also apply. Smaller schools that are independent teaching facilities may charge a fraction of these additional amounts and might be a good choice for parents who want a one-on-one teaching approach for their children.

3)    Extra-Curricular Activities – English is by far the most preferred language for imparting education to preschool children as it is a universal language. However, many schools offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities including secondary language skills that are taught at an early age. Thai and Malay are two of the expected additional languages that children can choose to learn right from kindergarten and preschool until they graduate. ABC Pathways on Sukhumvit Road is one of these schools that offers a wide range of languages to choose from for extracurricular learning.

Sports, recreational activities, arts and crafts, music, dance, and gymnastics are some of the other extra-curricular activities taught by the top International schools in Thailand. King’s College International School Bangkok, which offers kindergarten and preschool education, is an all-rounder for fun activities for kids. They have a full-fledged playground, sports halls, a wide range of indoor sports courts, outdoor sports courts, a large swimming pool, science labs, a 600-seater auditorium, and private music chambers as well. The annual fees of this prestigious kindergarten and preschool range from 650,000 to 960,00 TBH. 

Top 3 Preschools and Kindergartens In Bangkok For the Early Years

In addition to the schools mentioned above, there are many other preschools that can help your beloved child learn while he has fun and also engages in extra-curricular activities.

1)    Bangkok Patana School – Located in Sukhumvit 105, the Bangkok Patana School has been operational for the last 50 years as a preferred learning institution in Bangkok. This institution offers an international curriculum in English for children between the ages of 2 and 16 years. Over 2,000 children from 60 countries have learned at this International school. A series of modern teaching techniques impart knowledge in a British Styled curriculum and kids are actively taught to harness their true potential through extra-curricular activities and hobbies. The one-time fee and deposit range from 250,000 TBH to 300,000 TBH while the annual school fee ranges from 445,000 to 475,000 TBH. Additional fees such as Capital Assessment Fees might also apply.  You can get more information from the Bangkok Patana School Website.

2)    RBIS International School – Located in Soi Rajavithi, the RBIS International School offers students from the age of 18 months onwards, an English and British-styled learning experience. A wide range of value-added options is offered to parents who wish to enroll their children in playschool play groups, Saturday school, Summer School, October School, and Summer Taster as well. The approximate annual tuition for the first year including the one-time fees deposit is 372,000 to 41,000 TBH. You can get more information from the RBIS International School Website.

3)    St Andrews International School – Located in Sukhumvit 107, the St Andrews International School, is a preschool, kindergarten, and early years learning institute. This international school is part of the Cognita family and is built on a large ground, that offers a wide range of outdoor play and recreational activities. A hybrid teaching system of traditional and modern-day techniques is used to impart teachings to students. Additional language choices include French, Mandarin, Spanish, and Thai. Approximately 50% of the children in this school are from different parts of the world and have an International heritage. The annual tuition for 1 – 3 years children is approximately 200,000 – 400,000 THB. You can learn more on the St Andrews International School Website.

The Process of Applying for Preschools in Thailand For Both Independent Kindergartens and Larger Montessori Schools

The process of applying for preschools in Thailand can be completed online, through the official website of the chosen preschool. You can also walk into a chosen preschool by giving them an intimation in advance for a school trip. This can also help you get a better idea about the campus, the distance from your condo to the school, the roads, and the safety precautions taken by schools while they are on campus.

However, before you choose any school, keep in mind that preschool education isn’t mandatory in Thailand, yet it can help your child especially if you want your child to have a strong foundation by international standards of education.

Moreover, in Thailand, there is no set age for children to join preschools and kindergartens. While some parents choose to place their kids in Child Development Centers at the age of 2 years, others choose to place them in preschools directly at 5 years of age.

Final Thoughts About International Schools in Bangkok, Thailand 

There are many great options for preschools in Thailand, however, enrolling in the best preschool might take some planning and consideration. There is a waitlist in many of the best preschools in Thailand, and this waitlist can be as long as 5 years!

Parents often wonder if Thailand is safe and if their beloved children will be safe in their chosen preschools while they learn and have fun. The answer is yes, Thailand is not on a high-alert list for terrorism and other hate crimes. Yet, if in doubt, then visiting the preschool and clarifying the safety, security, and evacuation protocols can help you get a good night’s sleep. 

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