Top 10 Things To Do In Bangkok as a tourist or resident

Top 10 Things To Do In Bangkok

Bangkok is a place of fun and frolic for people of all age groups and with various passions in life. Bangkok is not only the capital of Thailand but also a port for connecting to various other destinations in Thailand through ferry, train and cabs. If you are visiting Bangkok for the first time or the tenth time, there is always something new to do here. Listed below are the top 10 things to do in Bangkok for your itinerary.

Spend A Day At The Chatuchak Weekend Market


The JJ market is also known fondly by travellers as the Chatuchak market, which is a weekend shopping destination. Boasting a total area of 35 acres, over 10,000 small shops and 27 sections, this market is perfect for travellers looking to buy everything from exotic Animals to rare Zaabia rattle like instruments native to Ghana tribes. The Chatuchak market is home to some of the best knock-off brands, generic brands as well as export quality original brands. Make sure to check for authenticity while you are shopping at JJ market. As a general rule, if a deal is too good to be true, then the product that you are looking to purchase, might be a fake! 

Estimated Time To Spend at JJ Market – 2 to 7 hours on weekends

Stop By To See The Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho


A sight to behold, the Reclining Buddha is an alarming 46 meters in length and 15 meters in height. The entire structure is an example of perfect architecture and has an amazing finish of gold leaves. While it looks stunning from afar, it is even more breathtaking from up close.

The Buddha statue is built inside a temple with exactly 108 bowls. Tourists and travellers who are entering the temple can also choose to buy coins for these bowls. The mythology behind the bowls is that on his way to becoming perfect, Buddha successfully completed exactly 108 positive deeds to attain this level of perfection.

Estimated Time To Spend At Wat Pho – 1 to 2 hours

Hop Aboard Tuk Tuk Rides


Also known as the unofficial but favourite vehicle of tourists, the Tuk Tuk is a large 3 wheeler that is similar to the Auto Rickshaws in India but a lot bigger. The Tuk Tuk can comfortably seat 4 to 6 people and runs on a meter or on a negotiated fare. Tuk Tuk rides can be slightly expensive at tourist destinations, especially compared to fixed meter Taxi rides. However, they are well worth the money spent and should be travelled at least once while you are in Bangkok.

Tuk Tuk scams are in the plenty, always consider the total distance from Point A to Point B before accepting any negotiated amount for the ride. While some Tuk Tuk drivers might offer to take you for free, they will in actuality stop for fuel on the way and ask you to pay a higher amount. They might also tell you about the best, but most expensive massage parlours in the area. These scams are reducing by the day due to vigilant law officers. However, as a general rule, think carefully before getting into Tuk Tuks that offer deals that are exceptionally good.

Estimated Time To Spend In Tuk Tuks – From Point A to Point B

Visit The Grand Palace


While there are many must-visit attractions in Bangkok, the Grand Palace is one such attraction that should not be missed. This tourist visiting spot is one of the most popular attractions in the entire city. Formerly known to be the Thailand King’s home where the Thai Government would also carry out their tasks, the Grand Palace is spread over a large area of 214,000 square meters. To enter the Grand Palace tourists are asked for a nominal entry fee for viewing this amazing historical monument. Be cautious of potential con artists attempting to ask you for extra entry fees as well as offering Tuk Tuk rides at a reduced rate. These offers are usually more trouble than they are worth.

Estimated Time To Spend At The Grand Palace – 2 to 3 hours

Take A Ride On The Skytrain (BTS Skytrain)


Much like its name, the Sky Train is built high up in the sky and is the perfect mix of convenience and luxury. This train can take you to the farthest distances in the shortest time. The Skytrain is operational only on 2 major lines. The first connecting line is the SILOM line. The second connecting line is the SUKHUMVIT line.

The SILOM line runs from the west of Bangkok in the vicinity of the Silom shopping areas until Thonburi near the Chao Phraya River. The SUKHUMVIT line runs between planned stations from North to East.

The BTS Skytrain connects with the MRT Underground at Silom as well as 4 other connected stations. The BTS Skytrain is a no-smoking mode of transportation. The fruit Durian cannot be eaten on this train due to the pungent smell it produces when cut open. Chewing gums and a few other edible food items cannot be consumed on the train.

The Skytrain is one of the most economical ways to travel while inside Bangkok.

Estimated Time To Spend On the BTS Sky Train – As per the destination.

Take Connecting Routes to Nearby Islands


Taking a ferry, bus, train, cab or flight to nearby islands is definitely among the top 10 things to do while in Bangkok. While the mode of transport depends on the Island you are visiting, places like Phuket can be travelled to via cabs, flights, buses, trains and ferries however most of these modes of transport require connecting routes and changing your ride in between two or more modes of transport.

To know about fun-filled activities to do while visiting Phuket, do read this content-rich travel blog post.

Estimated Time To Spend Travelling From Bangkok to Phuket – Combining Train and Bus Journey takes 16 hours and costs between USD$35 to USD$45.

Shop Till You Are Smiling At Siam Paragon

Siam Paragon is not just a mall in Bangkok. It is “the” mall to visit for tourists who love brand names, crème da la crème quality products and wish to indulge in the finest things in life. This mall is filled with luxury brands that are expensive to purchase as per Bangkok standards.

Right from the architecture until the finish and display of each shop, Siam Paragon only features the best in all possible ways. The largest aquarium that is built in a mall is located in Siam Paragon, so is a ginormous multiplex theatre and more than 2 dozen restaurants from your favourite food brands. If you are a car enthusiast travelling to Bangkok, then this might be your highway to heaven as car brands such as Ferrari and Lamborghini have taken up large showrooms within this prestigious mall.

Estimated Time To Spend In Siam Paragon – 2 to 4 Hours

Get A Traditional Thai Massage


A traditional Thai massage when done right can relax your nerves as well as your feet. Right from head to full-body massages, the Thai masseurs who are proficient in the art of relaxation can take away your stress and pain.

If body massages don’t appeal to you, then consider getting a Thai Foot Spa appointment where they use Garra Rufa fish to eat away the dead cells in your feet. This fish spa therapy tickles, does not hurt and can make your feet as smooth as satin.

Estimated Time To Spend At Thai Massage and Fish Spa – 1 to 2 Hours or As Per The Need

Grab A Bite At China Town


China town within Bangkok is like entering a miniature version of wonder wherein everything changes right from the minute you step foot inside. Chinatown has both traditional cuisine choices as well as rare cuisine choices such as insects, snakes, frog legs, ox’s tail and much more.

Chinatown also boasts the display and sale of both common and rare Chinese medicines, herbs and supplements. Keep in mind that not all of these herbs are FDA approved and a small fraction of these herbs are acquired through poaching endangered animals. There are numerous medicines and herbs that you can get that are safe and animal friendly, being with a tour guide or a Thai-speaking friend while going to Chinatown can be of immense value.

Estimated Time To Spend At China Town – 3 to 7 Hours

Visit the Traditional Thai Tattoo Shops

Even if you do not plan to get inked with a permanent tattoo, visiting traditional Thai tattoo shops is worth your time. The traditional Thai tattoo shops do not use modern machines, they use an old technique known as stick and poke with a bamboo stick. The bamboo stick is sharpened at the edge with immense precision and is as sharp as a needle. The bamboo stick is then dipped in permanent ink and poked manually to form a beautiful tattoo.

The process of getting a bamboo tattoo done traditionally is extremely painful yet worthwhile for people who admire and love body art. The time period taken to do a Thai Bamboo Tattoo can be as little as 1 hour for micro designs, to 3 days for a full back tattoo.

Estimated Time To Spend At A Traditional Thai Tattoo Shop – 5 minutes or less if you don’t plan to get tattooed. While some artists welcome visitors, most do not appreciate loiters and strictly ban photography.

Other Things To Do While In Bangkok – Real Estate Tours

If you are planning on visiting Bangkok repeatedly and would like to consider Bangkok as a place to stay for more than a week per year, then investing in Condotels or Condominiums is a great plan.

Condotels and Condominiums are a great way to invest in Thailand while saving money on accommodation on a long-term basis. To know more about buying properties with the help of real estate agents in Thailand get in touch.

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