Where Do The Rich and Affluent Thais Live in Bangkok?

Where Do The Rich Live in Bangkok In 2024?

Thailand has made the news for many positive attributes of the country in relation to travel, tourism, real estate, and especially the new 2022 incentives that rolled out for affluent global citizens from around the world to come to live and work in the country and many people ask where do the rich live in Bangkok.

Similar to a perfectly orchestrated musical symphony, Thailand can be considered the perfect blend of both worlds. Bangkok offers its residents an opportunity for modern life with a multitude of ways to relax and keep a good work-life balance that is facilitated by the ease of commuting from one place to another with the impressive transportation systems in place. 

It comes as no surprise that Bangkok is one of the chosen cities to live and work in, not only for Thai citizens but also for foreigners. Many foreigners and ex-pats choose to own their independent condominium units in Bangkok, while a few choose to rent living spaces until they are 100% sure that city life is for them.

Let’s dive into what you need to know about the rich and affluent Thais in Bangkok as well as the best neighbourhoods to buy a home and the best areas to visit, to experience the vibe of the Thai “hi-so” crowd. 

a shopping mall in Bangkok where people go to buy cloths and luxury items

Noteworthy Billionaires in Thailand

Thailand is home to approximately 30 Billionaires and many of these have grand homes in Bangkok.

This is the compiled list of the top 7 Billionaires in the kingdom.

This updated and conclusive list with the net worth was obtained through various sources from both the individuals and their families mentioned in this list. Moreover, independent sources such as stock exchanges and analysts, the Stock Exchange of Thailand, and miscellaneous regulatory agencies were also contacted by various sources to compile this list. 

Chearavanont Brothers – Net worth $30.2 billion

Chalerm Yoovidhya – Net worth $24.5 billion

Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi – Net worth $12.7 billion

Chirathivat Family – Net worth $11.6 billion

Sarath Ratanavadi – Net worth $8.9 billion

Osathanugrah Family – Net worth $3.5 billion

Somphote Ahunai – Net worth $3.3 billion

This list does change from time to time as net worth increases or decreases.

You can view the complete list of  Thai billionaires in Thailand in the link.

Where Do The Rich Live In Bangkok?

Over the last 2 years, property rates have shot up by approximately 9% due to the construction of the newer BTS Skytrain lines, improved urban renewal projects, and better-developed neighbourhoods. This has attracted many new wealthy foreigners and Thais into new locations across the city as it develops.

The majority of the billionaires that live in the city of Bangkok tend to choose established neighbourhoods for buying or building spacious homes, and these homes are truly a vision of luxuriousness. Though recently with the fast progressive infrastructure in the city and new upcoming areas, we see some truly incredible neighbourhoods and buildings popping up.

Chidlom, Langsuan, Ratchadamri, and Sala Daeng are the top 4 areas chosen by Thai Billionaires to build these majestic and luxurious residential castles, and while many of these billionaires have multiple properties in these areas, some will be used solely for investment purposes with the expectation that property prices will keep increasing.

Why Are The Prices of Land Expensive in Sala Daeng?

land can be expensive in Bangkok for many reason. one being the growth rate of the economy

Sala Daeng is a residential area in Thailand and also the central business district which has made the land prices skyrocket many folds compared to other developing areas.

The land price in Sala Daeng for 4 square meters in the top prestigious residency townships is close to US$64,000 which roughly translates to 2.2 million baht.

This tropical wonderland is located near both a BTS Skytrain and an MRT Underground station. Also in close vicinity is Lumpini Park, perhaps the largest and most green area in Bangkok. Moreover, the residential appeal and the fact that it is a lucrative investment opportunity for overseas buyers, and also for leasing options by Thais to foreigners make this area expensive but worth living in. 

There are numerous high-end projects in Sala Daeng, however, perhaps the most beautiful and well-planned project in the area is SALADAENG ONE.

This architecturally sound and alluring condominium project is the pinnacle of luxury and was developed by none other than the famous SC ASSET developer. Surrounded by multiple regal shopping malls, also adds to the worth of living in this exclusive residential condo project. 

Areas That Attract the Thai Hi So Crowd With Clubs and Pubs for the Elite

Hi-so is a new age and chosen term to describe the younger, elite, and sophisticated crowd in Thailand. While most of the Thai hi-so crowd can be seen in Pathumwan and Thong Lo, it is also possible to see this crowd relaxing with brews and Thai Cold Coffees at Phrom Phong, Sathorn, Lat Phrao, Bang Na, and Udom Suk. 

Interestingly, Pathumwan attracts a mix of both Thai citizens and foreigners who are professionals in academics, doctors, diplomats, and even retired affluent global citizens. Business professionals and some of the richest families that live in Thailand can also be spotted in Pathumwan. 

Thong Lor has been known to be the chosen and designated hang-out destination for both Thai and International celebrities. Along with the Hi-so crowd, wealthy travellers and ex-pats also choose to live, visit and relax at Thong Lor. Right from pubs and restaurants for the elite to designer boutiques and upscale malls, Thong Lor practically has it all in one place. 

Phrom Phong is both a convenient shopping destination and a perfect place to enjoy a 5-course meal at top-notch restaurants. The parks, multiple coffee shops, a line of art galleries, and top-of-the-line grocery stores with imported Asian food make Phrom Phong an ideal place to live. Both Japanese and Korean ex-pats often choose to live in this neighbourhood, due to the many fine dining and shopping options here. 

As a centrally located destination, Sathorn offers convenience and luxury living, in exchange for higher rents. Sathorn is home to some of the grandest condominium complexes with modern amenities such as fully fitted kitchens and lavish furnishings. Both private gyms and pools are also one of the main bonuses of choosing the better condominium projects in Sathorn. This neighbourhood also has a vast number of options for expats who enjoy the nightlife, fine dining, and large natural areas such as the river and Lumpini Park all of which are a stone’s throw away. 

Lat Phrao is the best neighbourhood to raise children and live with your family as this location has some of the finest schools in the kingdom of Thailand. Green spaces with ample space for children to play and enjoy and the adults can enjoy the Chatuchak weekend market to visit and shop and make Lat Phrao a chosen spot for Thai citizens and expats alike. 

Bang Na is one of the fastest upcoming areas in Bangkok that has grown in popularity in recent times. While rents and purchasing houses in Bang Na won’t cost you a mini fortune, there is no shortage of shopping malls and dining options here.

This neighbourhood is a quick ride from the closest BTS station, and in close quarters with both Chonburi and Suvarnabhumi Airport as well. While developing at a quick pace and being a safe neighbourhood to live in, Bang Na has an old Bangkok vibe to it, mainly due to the lack of overcrowding by too many high-rise buildings. 

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